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IRIG 106 Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard (TMATS) Handbook

This programming handbook presents the results of work performed by members of the Telemetry Group (TG) under Task TG-83 of the Range Commanders Council (RCC). This document provides information to assist programmers in developing software for use with RCC Document 106, Telemetry Standard, historically referred to as Inter-range Instrumentation Group (IRIG 106). Therefore this document contains frequent references to the IRIG 106 document, primarily Chapter 10, Digital Recording Standard; it also covers aspects of Chapter 6 and Chapter 9.


  • The Range Commanders Council (RCC) and History of TMATS Telemetry

Getting Started With A Simple Example

  • A Simple Example
  • Attribute General Syntax and Semantics
  • A “Measurement” by any Other Name
  • A “Look and Feel” Example
  • Attributes for the Look and Feel Example
  • Let’s Talk About Bits

Completing The Simple Example

  • The G-Group – General Information
  • The T-Group – Transmission Attributes
  • The M-Group – Multiplex/Modulation Attributes
  • The P-Group – PCM Format Attributes
  • The D-Group – PCM Measurement Description
  • The C-Group – Data Conversion Attributes
  • The Completed TMATS File

General Structure And Groups

More TMATS Examples

  • Examples for Various Measurement Location Types
  • Concatenation Examples
  • Examples for Setting up Transmission Attributes
  • Chapter 10 Recorder Examples

Extensible Markup Language (XML) TMATS Differences

Stuff People Should Never Have Done (But You Need To Be Able To Interpret)

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