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 +|  <​html><​center><​hr><​p align="​center"​ style="​margin-top:​ 3px; margin-bottom:​ 0"><​font color="#​000000"​ size="​4"><​b>​DOCUMENT 106-00</​b></​font></​p><​p align="​center"​ style="​margin-top:​ 3px; margin-bottom:​ 0"><​b><​font color="#​000000">​PART I: TELEMETRY STANDARDS</​font></​b></​p><​p align="​center"​ style="​margin-top:​ 0; margin-bottom:​ 6px"><​b><​font size="​2">​(January 2000)</​font></​b></​p><​p align="​center"​ style="​margin-top:​ 6px; margin-bottom:​ 0"><​b><​u><​font size="​1">​Prepared by</​font></​u><​font size="​1">: ​ Telemetry Group, Range Commanders Council</​font></​b></​p><​p align="​center"​ style="​margin-top:​ 6px; margin-bottom:​ 6px"><​b><​u><​font size="​1">​Published by</​font></​u><​font size="​1">: ​ Secretariat,​ Range Commanders Council, White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, 88002</​font></​b></​p></​font></​center></​html> ​ ||
 +|  **CHAPTERS** ​ ||
 +|   ​1.-5. ​ | [[http://​​docs/​106-00/​IRIG_106-00_Chapter_1-5.pdf|1. Introduction,​ Part I, 2. Transmitter and Receiver Systems, 3. Frequency Division Multiplexing Telemetry Standards, 4. Pulse Code Modulation Standards, 5. Digitized Audio Telemetry Standard]] |
 +|   ​9. ​ | [[http://​​docs/​106-00/​IRIG_106-00_Chapter_9.pdf|Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard]] |
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