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 +|  <html><center><hr><p align="center" style="margin-top: 3px; margin-bottom: 0"><font color="#000000" size="4"><b>DOCUMENT 106-01</b></font></p><p align="center" style="margin-top: 3px; margin-bottom: 0"><b><font color="#000000">PART I: TELEMETRY STANDARDS</font></b></p><p align="center" style="margin-top: 0; margin-bottom: 6px"><b><font size="2">(February 2001)</font></b></p><p align="center" style="margin-top: 6px; margin-bottom: 0"><b><u><font size="1">Prepared by</font></u><font size="1">:  Telemetry Group, Range Commanders Council</font></b></p><p align="center" style="margin-top: 6px; margin-bottom: 6px"><b><u><font size="1">Published by</font></u><font size="1">:  Secretariat, Range Commanders Council, White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, 88002</font></b></p></font></center></html>  ||
 +|  **CHAPTERS**  ||
 +|  1.-5.  | [[|1. Introduction, Part I, 2. Transmitter and Receiver Systems, 3. Frequency Division Multiplexing Telemetry Standards, 4. Pulse Code Modulation Standards, 5. Digitized Audio Telemetry Standard]] |
 +|   6.    | [[|Magnetic Tape Recorder and Reproducer Standard - Part 1]] |
 +|   :::   | [[|Magnetic Tape Recorder and Reproducer Standard - Part 2]] |
 +|  7.-8.  | [[|7. Magnetic Tape Standard, 8. MIL-STD-1553 Acquisition Formatting Standard]] |
 +|   9.    | [[|Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard]] |
 +|  **APPENDICES**  ||
 +|   A.-D. | [[|Frequency Considerations For Telemetry, B. Use Criteria for Frequency Division Multiplexing, C. PCM Standards, D. Magnetic Tape Recorder and Reproducer Information and Use Criteria]] |
 +|   E.-L.  | [[|E. Deleted (Available Transducer Documentation), F. CVSD, G. ADARIO Data Block Field Definitions, H. Application of the Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard, I. Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard Cover Sheet, J. Telemetry Attributes Transfer Standard Format Example, K. Pulse Amplitude Modulation Standards, L. Asynchronous Recorder Multiplexer Output Reconstructor (ARMOR)]] |
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