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IRIG 106 Software and Utilities

Overview and News

The software library is a growing library of routines and utility programs for reading and manipulating IRIG 106 format data files. Software is written in portable C, and supports the following compiler environments:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2008
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012
  • GCC on Linux
  • DJGPP on DOS
  • Windows GUI Utility Programs

Qt based GUI Utility Programs

These utilities programs are based on the Qt application and GUI library. These applications are fully functional but are intended for non-commercial use. For commercial use license contact for further information or to purchase a license key.

Qt-based GUI Utility Program / Version
/ MD5 Checksum
Windows Installer
Ver 1.0 Released 5/5/2015
A program for viewing and exporting Ch 10 data file headers. This is very useful for debugging recorder and data file problems. A single user or single workstation license key is available for $99.

Windows GUI Utility Programs

These utilities are built using the Windows .NET framework.

Windows GUI Utility Program / Version
/ MD5 Checksum
Ver 1.7.1 Released 4/8/2013
Release Notes
A program for reading a displaying the TMATS setup record from a Ch 10 data file.
Ver 0.9.2
A program for dubbing Ch 10 data files, with selected time slices and selected channels.

Windows Command Line Utility Programs

Utility programs are command line utilities. They can be compiled and run from a Windows console or from a Unix/Linux shell. Individual compiled versions built as Windows Console applications can be downloaded below. Or download the complete executables zip file.

Windows Console Utility Program Version Description MD5 Checksum
i106stat.exe Ver 1.03 Generate a summary of data channels and message types b8a00c327632c12612084c2876a192cd
i106trim.exe Ver 1.02 Trim a data file based on start and/or stop time. c5f81eab6ef41f5fcaabcdf6ca45c2bf
idmptime.exe Ver 1.00 Read, decode, and dump time messages in a humanly readable format de1beb824c51670c6c407e7b4211f75a
idmpindex.exe Ver 1.01 Read, decode, and dump Chapter 10 index packets 729a01f542692a420c73a4896339469c
idmptmat.exe Ver 1.03 Read and print out the TMATS record in various formats bc08e0944777410406126661d5bfa69b
idmp1553.exe Ver 1.02 Read and dump 1553 messages in a humanly readable format e1cb99862aa4ee343a23012f9ce0607e
idmpuart.exe Ver 1.00 Read and dump UART messages in a humanly readable format 07103847df7103baa2a43403f6247fdb
idmpins.exe Ver 1.02 Read, decode, and dump INS messages in a humanly readable format. See the idmpins page for more details 360e407d250a06107b37260c27f92fbe
idmpgps.exe Ver 1.00 Read, decode, and dump GPS NMEA messages from a UART channel in a humanly readable format a4ed06db55999622e894c131f6bbe30a
idmp429.exe Ver 1.01 Read, decode, and dump ARINC 429 messages in a humanly readable format 129e4a9e83ace7a11e85bc3fb652d3a2
idmppcm.exe Ver 1.01 Read, decode, and dump PCM F1 messages in a humanly readable format. Only throughput mode is supported. da205efa3ca260bf85d047f1f8f91dc9
idmpeth.exe Ver 1.01 Read, decode, and dump Ethernet messages in a humanly readable format db35016155f0e8a2dfdf7d96a5f748c5
idmpcan.exe Ver 1.00 Read, decode, and dump CAN Bus packets ea85334c248fd272c2fda5481460a749
i106vid.exe Ver 1.00 Extract Video Fmt 0 data a channel 3d96cf05a2562776c9c02faa810355a2

See i106utils.txt for more information about these programs.

Download all utility programs from Download source code for these utility programs from


irig106lib Ver 512 (7/16/2014) - A software library for reading, writing, and parsing IRIG 106 data files. Supported compiler environments include Microsoft Visual C 6, Visual Studio 2005, 2008, and 2010, as well as GCC on Linux and DJGPP. An experimental and incomplete Python wrapper is also included.

Source Code

All source code is freely available for downloading. Release versions are available from the SourceForge File Download area. The very latest source is available from the SourceForge SVN repository.

Future Plans

This software project is looking for more team members! Contact Bob Baggerman (info below) if you would like to participate in this effort. Future plans (in no particular order) are:

  • Integration with VLC for video playback
  • Additional language support including:
    • Python language binding
  • QT based utilities
  • General purpose lab/ground recorder application

C# language wrapper and a Java implementation have been abandon for now.

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